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Star Trek, K/S

Star Trek--Spock/Kirk

Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
Title: The Prize
Author: Ray Newton aka Jane Jones (Valerie Piacentini)
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Spock/Kirk
Summary: On a Vulcan where Surak's Reforms never happened, the warrior Spock acquires a Human slave.
Genre: AU, Slash, Drama, Romance
Warnings: Rape, Slavery

This story was one of the first Spock/Kirk fics—back in the day (1981) when fics were printed on actual paper and distributed at cons. Real old-school sex. Back in the day when you had to actually watch the show in order to write fic, instead of just reading the show’s Wikipedia page and other people’s fic. Of course, while I wax poetic about the “Golden Age of Fic”, I also realize that golden ages are always imposed after the fact, and therefore only exist in the minds of the later generation. That being said, I, unrealistically and with no empirical evidence, believe that fic was much better B in the D.

The Prize

There's also a history of this story here: History


This is a superb story. I enjoyed it very much and am profoundly grateful for the fact that it is possible for new readers to still have access to it and enjoy it.

I also count myself fortunate that I am absolutely able to find many, many fic written today of equal if not exceeding excellent quality as this story.

LOL - I assure you, talent is NOT a generational thing and those with a story to tell and talent find a forum in which the fruits of their labors rise to the top and readers like myself get to bet entertained, enthralled and enlightened.
Thank goodness talent isn't only a generational thing! The world of internet fic would be a very sad place were that the truth.

Sometimes it's just disheartening to have to wade through so many mediocre or just plain bad fics in order to find the good ones.
Great fic! Very well written.
Methos, Highlander

January 2011



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